The Frothy Foot – a wetherspoonful of cheap lovin’

In and around Dublin

Look at the head on that! (this is not our usual Guinness)


The lads and I (collectively known, except to them, as the Big Nose Club) decided, at my instigation, to break away from tradition and venture to the UK for a couple of hours.

Yes, we paid a visit to Satan’s den and checked one of the links in the chain that is rumoured to have tied the pub industry to the ground before kicking it in the face. We… ahem… drank in a Wetherspoon pub.

Let me put the record straight. It was obviously more of a sociological study then an implicit endorsement of the small publicans slayer.

We did fit in a half dozen pints each though (but Chica, it was SO cheap) and some delicious food (more on that later).

I must admit to having been in the 40 Foot once before, and having really enjoyed the…

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