A blue blue world…..

Shimmering Grains

Am I depressed? No! I have just tried another of the traditional alternative photographic processes, cyanotype, and in this form, it’s all about blue blue blue.

I love blue, and when I read that these chemicals is (almost) unharmful, both to the user and the environment, I decided to try.

Bought the chemicals, Ferric Ammonium Citrate (green) and Potassium Ferricyanide, and finally I also found the intensifier (hydrogen peroxide) to make the print even deeper blue.

Then I totally missjudged the power of the sun…. It’s kind of “wintercold” here in Sweden, just about 10C, and I didn’t realize the strenght of the sun, so I excessively overexposed my coated paper, and it turned too dense, but with some help from this exellent book from Peter Mrhar, I saved my image pretty well.

It isn’t at all was I was expecting, but I’m very pleased. It’s my very first…

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