For Reluctant Readers: TV Show Supplements And Complements

The Book Wars

On Wednesday, Nafiza talked about how movie adaptations can provide reluctant readers with gateways into the world of books. (I mean, honestly, I’m a bibliophile but I guess I’m not a self-respecting one since I think movie adaptations are great gateways even for not-so-reluctant readers … but that’s neither here nor there.) Today, I want to recommend books for those reluctant readers who have either binge-watched their favourite TV show and now have a long wait until the next season, or have had their favourite shows cancelled, or have given up on their once-favourite, or even just want more of what they’re watching.

I don’t think any of my recommended books match the TV shows exactly— and for good reason, given that they are meant to be different stories that work differently in their respective mediums– but I picked a similarity and ran with it.

Once Upon a Time

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